Adela Schicker

Trainer of Fortune 500 companies, Founder of and co-author of The End of Procrastination.

I train companies and teams around the world, helping them to master skills through science-based know-how and practical tools that have an immediate impact on their performance and happiness.

As a company growth consultant, and keynote speaker I have lived and worked in the past 19 years in 11 different countries across 4 continents.

Experience from diverse working environments and knowledge based on behavioral economics and psychology has given me a keen eye for people's talents as well as for the understanding of what today's fast-paced business environment requires.

Google Certified Trainer

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Adela's Main Topics

Productivity & Procrastination

Procrastination can be a thorn in our sides, but with the right tools and methods, we can overcome it. Studies have shown that having a personal vision which helps you increase your self-discipline figures at the core of fighting procrastination. Our sessions on this topic provide you with the tools to develop just such a vision. We also give you practical tools which can help you build up positive new habits and get rid of negative ones, organize your time more effectively, and find long-term motivation. You will discover how to deal with stress, become more focused, and manage your days. Above all, you‘ll find out how to be more objective and heuristic so that you can become more satisfied in your life over the long-term.

Presentation Skills

Learn how to express your thoughts clearly and comprehensively, how to do formal presentations, pitches, or being confidently present on stage. Being skilled at public speaking will not only enable you to pass on your ideas and realize your dreams but will also make you a more confident leader and salesperson. Manage to simplify your thoughts and formulate them so that everyone will clearly understand your point. In short, discover how to ignite passion when you share your words.

Value-based Leadership

Leadership is the ability to lead and inspire others. It does not matter if you are a CEO or the leader of a department. Studies of history's most successful leaders show that they all possessed similar characteristics and communication styles: they were able to communicate the WHY. Learn how to delegate and inspire, as well as how to pass your mission and values on to others.

Critical Thinking

In today's world, it is crucial to work with information skills across disciplines. Critical thinking is the ability to work skillfully with reason and logic. You can learn how to reveal misinformation, myths, and half-truths, and determine the quality of given information. Find out how not to succumb to the delusions of your brain and how to improve your arguments. If you better understand how things work, you can make better decisions.

Cross Cultural Communication

It is crucial to be able to acknowledge our cultural differences and accept them as benefits while understanding more into depth how we can benefit from a diverse working environment. In order to experience hands-on practices and tips that will help you to understand the cross-cultural differences and it's nuances, we need to discover what science knows about perceptions of different cultures and how to use this knowledge to our personal and company benefit.

Sales 2.0

Whether we are talking about thoughts, the results of our work, or our products, we are all selling something. Recent studies show that sales work best as a service to others. Learn how to replace manipulation with inspiration and pressure with desire. Gain practical tools how to communicate your brand, sell your ideas or even improve your sales pitch.

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"Adela is amazing! I first saw her and a colleague present at a breakfast event at Pronexia and right away knew that my staff would learn a ton from them and what’s more they would enjoy it! Adela makes really fundamentally important material on brain functioning and productivity that could otherwise be less than exciting come alive thanks to her high energy, obvious passion and great sense of humour! Adela even took the time to join our team for lunch after the workshop and blue sky some crazy ideas which we always love to do! Any company or team that is looking to maximize their potential and enjoy the process of learning strategies to help in that regard will be very happy to have engaged Adela and her colleagues!"

- Wayne Burke, DNE Resources

"I attended the workshop of in San Francisco, and I must say it was an unforgettable experience! The presentation was very smooth and perfectly organized, full of positive energy and enthusiasm."

- Tomáš Knobloch, Deloitte

"Adela is a passionnate, determined, hard working woman with solid values. The passion, the values and determination come through when she speaks publicly, which makes her very engaging. She, and her co-founder, are doing a terrific job promoting the Procrastination approach and helping tons of people along the way. She is an inspiring leader in every sense of the expression."

- Rita Baker, Baker Marketing

"I have worked with Adela on International conference where she was our Motivation speaker. Her enthusiasm and passion for popular science awaken audience from the start till the end. I recommend Adela to any organization dealing with Talent empowerment, decision paralysis and any Manager going through difficult Business transition. She is professional with excellent communication and presentation skills and can strengthen your message with figures and scientific research. I admire Adela’s structural and logical approach and how clearly, she can translate difficult science terminology and principals into understandable and practical examples for different audience and industry and add her smile and comfort on the top of it."

- Daria Harrison

"I really enjoyed Adela's Sales 2.0 workshop at Notman's house. It was very motivating and a lot of useful tips and examples. She is very dynamic and a great speaker! She drove good discussions and exercises that integrated the audience. Looking forward to her next workshop!"

- Pablo Fernandez, Nextal ATS

"Adela is one of the most genuinely enthusiastic people it has been my pleasure to work with . Her knowledge of her business and how it benefited mine is impressive. Adela is also an accomplished conference presenter . She was invited to address the ACCEE Credit Matters V conference in Krakow . The multi-nataional audience across all business generations gave a very high feedback score. I am pleased to recommend Adela as a valued asset to any business."

- Mark Harrison, ACCEE

"I attended the workshop in San Francisco where Adela was the only speaker and I must say it was an unforgettable experience! The presentation was very smooth and perfectly organized and Adela was really able to drag you in by her genuine performance. Adela's positive energy and enthusiasm was absolutely contagious so I was leaving all charged and believing in better future! I can highly recommend Adela's workshops or any interaction, you will love every minute you spend with her."

- Simona Brown, Wells Fargo

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