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Our course is designed for those who want to beat procrastination right now. With 20 high-quality lectures, this course will help you improve your motivation, strengthen your willpower and give you practical and easy tools to overcome procrastination.

  • based on 120+ scientific studies
  • easy, smart & practical tools
  • applicable for everyday life

Learn easy methods and gain practical tools to help you do more, better. It's simple!

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Attendee's Feedback
640 ratings (See reviews)

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  • Do your loved ones procrastinate?
  • Are they currently unhappy in their lives?
  • Struggling to organize their time?
  • Do they not live their life to the fullest?
  • Or do you want to support them in their personal development?

Give them an opportunity to grow, give them as a present a chance to overcome procrastination.

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The course explains the causes of procrastination while giving you specific and practical tools to help you beat it.

The End of Procrastination online course

Put procrastination behind you with evidence-based tools.

Do you know the feeling where you want to do something, but just never end up doing it? Do you want to improve your motivation and overall life satisfaction? Do you feel that you could be better at setting your priorities or planning your time?

In the course you will learn:

  1. Why people procrastinate and what current science knows about procrastination.
  2. What decision paralysis is, and why it has such a negative effect on us.
  3. How human motivation works and how to properly set yourself up to have long-term motivation.
  4. How to find your personal vision, define your strengths and use them to do meaningful things.
  5. How self-control works and how to strengthen your willpower.
  6. How to become more efficient and learn positive new habits while unlearning bad ones like smoking.
  7. How to organize your time and tasks so that you can do more without getting tired.
  8. How to manage personal failures better and overcome fear of change.

What will you learn

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Chapter 1 | Part 1
What is procrastination and why do we need to fight it?


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Meaning, life mission, and Ego 2.0.
Lesson 10: Meaning, life mission, and Ego 2.0.


Chapter 2 | Part 6
Meaning, life mission, and Ego 2.0.


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Chapter 1
Lesson 2: What is procrastination and why do we need to fight it?
Chapter 1 | Part 1
What is procrastination and why do we need to fight it?
This lesson will explain the difference between what procrastination is and what it is not. It will also uncover who and why procrastinates the most and why should we start fighting it from now on.

QUOTE: “I know how to give myself orders, but I just don't listen.”

DEFINITION: What is procrastination

VIDEO: Why is snoozing really bad for you?

BOOK: The End of Procrastination (Petr Ludwig & Adela Schicker)

Lesson 3: Why do people procrastinate now more than ever?
Chapter 1 | Part 2
Why do people procrastinate now more than ever?
In this lesson, we will find out why why procrastinate now more than ever. It will also uncover why we are not happy and why are we suffering from decision paralysis.

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Lesson 4: What is the key to fighting procrastination? How can we defeat it in the long term?
Chapter 1 | Part 3
What is the key to fighting procrastination? How can we defeat it in the long term?
This lesson will teach you how to fight procrastination in a long term. How to create a personal vision and in addition, it will explain why it is important to take actions that lead towards a happier life.

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Chapter 2
Lesson 5: The value of time - the most expensive commodity.
Chapter 2 | Part 1
The value of time - the most expensive commodity.
This lesson will explain why time is the most valuable commodity and why personal vision that is created properly can create a very strong motivator that will help us lead a better life.

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Attendee's Feedback & Reviews

640 ratings

“Definitely a course that I would recommend to all who have a problem with procrastination. Helpful advice on how to improve efficiency and make better use of your time.”

“For me, it was a whole new perspective on the problem of procrastination. Thoroughly explained from A to Z, practical instructions, very understandable presentation, and quite motivating interpretation.”

“I do not understand why such useful things are not taught at school.”

“Brings ingenious easy-to-use tutorials that are instantly usable in practice.”

“Great course, I appreciate that it was not just "talking", but that the course was very practical with clearly applicable advice and tips! :)”

“Explore procrastination? That has its purpose! Specific instructions and concrete steps in a thoughtful course prove that knowing your problem can be half of the success. The other half is up to you - but it's comfortable since you will already have the instructions. I also appreciate motivational quotes and additional resources.”

Adela Schicker

Don't postpone your fight against procrastination - learn how to defeat it right now

“My team and I are on a mission to simplify and popularize science to help companies and individuals grow. In order to deliver the best possible results, we are also constantly seeking to learn and grow ourselves. I have lived long-term in 11 different countries across 4 continents and read so many books that I've lost count of them all. Armed with my experiences and an arsenal of scientific knowledge, it's my aim to help others develop their personal visions, improve their motivation, and adopt habits and carry out actions that will lead them to attaining their full potentials and long-term happiness.”

– Adela Schicker,
Co-author of the book The End of Procrastination

Adela Schicker

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The book for people who are
serious about getting more done

The End of Procrastination, written by Petr Ludwig & Adela Schicker is dedicated to improving your long-term motivation and helping you get the most out of your life.

  • Over 400,000 copies sold worldwide
  • Practical tools for immediate use
  • 100+ pictures to illustrate concepts
  • Based on over 120 scientific studies

Simple, science-based tools to stop procrastination

Based on the latest research, The End of Procrastination synthesizes over one hundred scientific studies to create a program that is based on the way our brains actually work.