Our Values

Understand the World

To contribute to making this world a better place, we need to understand it. To understand today’s world of information full of myths and half-truths, we decided to base our know-how on scientific research. This science-based knowledge is then passed onto our clients in simple terms along with practical tools. We do not just provide answers, but we also identify and give you the right questions to ask.

Our Core Values


We believe that simplicity improves comprehension and the efficient transmission of information.


We have developed practical tools that can be applied both in personal and professional life.


Science-based know-how gives us a better understanding of what is a myth and of what is likely to be true.

Consulting & Interventions

At Procrastination.com, we help individuals define their personal visions, and increase their efficiency and overall satisfaction by reducing procrastination - putting things off habitually or intentionally. We also provide consultations to company managers and leaders in the areas of corporate values, team visions, and decision making.