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The Book

The book, written by Petr Ludwig, is dedicated to overcoming the habit of putting off tasks and responsibilities. Over 100 thousand copies were already sold worldwide.

  • Includes 8 practical tools
  • More than 100 pictures
  • Over 120 scientific studies

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What will you learn
inside the book?

In the book you will learn:

  • What does science know about why we postpone things and about why we are indecisive and ineffective?
  • How can we motivate ourselves so that we like the performed activity, feel less stressed and focus more?
  • How to avoid becoming a goal junkie - a highly achieving but never really satisfied person?
  • How to get rid of the dangerous dependence on extrinsic motivation?
  • How to organize our daily lives and follow our visions?
  • How to find a way to motivate and inspire loved ones, clients or colleagues?
  • How to indefinitely acquire new positive habits and how to stop with the bad ones?
  • How to cope with our decision paralysis and with our own biases?

Petr Ludwig - Author

Petr Ludwig is a science popularizer, entrepreneur, and consultant for Fortune 500 companies. He explains crucial and difficult things simply and easily. Peter helps to improve intrinsic motivation, efficiency, and the happiness of people at work and in their personal lives. In his book and talks, he transfers the knowledge of neuroscience and behavioral economics into practice.

The motto of his life is: “A person who goes with the crowd, usually does not get further than the crowd itself. However, a person who is able to leave the crowd, can get to places where no one has ever been.”

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