Our mission is to help companies and individuals thrive in our fast-paced world full of advanced tech and an abundance of information by helping them develop that which fuels it all—meaningful soft skills such as leadership, critical thinking, sales, and communication.

We take high-quality research and bring it to you in the form of valuable know-how utilizable in everyday professional and personal practice.


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All-Star Team

Portrait of Petr Ludwig

Petr Ludwig


Petr is the founder and CEO of the company, which applies the latest scientific findings in neuroscience and behavioral economics to help individuals and companies in their growth. His core fields of interest are purpose at work, value-based leadership, and critical thinking.

  • A winner of a title: Forbes – 30 most influential Czechs on social networks 2020.
  • A winner of a title: Esquire Man 2019 – Man of the Year under 35.
  • During the COVID-19 pandemic, Petr founded an international movement #Masks4All, about the importance of wearing facemasks. His video with top Czech scientists and actor Aneta Kernova reached the world's leading media sources like CNN, The Economist, The Guardian, and BBC and the campaign reached over 1.3 billion people.

“Simplicity is infinite perfection.”

Portrait of Adela Plesnik Schicker

Adela Plesnik Schicker


Empowering leaders, teams, and businesses to reach their full potential. Adela provides companies with science-backed tools to increase performance, understanding, and well-being. With over 20 years of experience across four continents, she can help you maximize your team's potential. No buls*it, easy to understand, with examples from practice and valuable tools to start using right ahead.

“Better self. Better world.”

Portrait of Martin Jonas

Martin Jonas


Martin is a system architect with a deep knowledge of software design and development. His team has created a number of software tools and systems used by thousands of people every day. Although he gained his degree several years ago, his biggest passion is still education.

“Lost time is never found again.”

Portrait of Vo Ngoc Tram Anh

Vo Ngoc Tram Anh

International Sales and Partnerships

Tram is passionate about self-development and believes that individuals can improve their overall quality of life, increase their self-confidence, and achieve their goals and aspirations by focusing on self-growth. With her enthusiasm and international work experience, she helps people and organizations achieve their full capabilities.

“Ambition is the fuel that drives success.”

Portrait of Petr Oliver

Petr Oliver

Sales Specialist

Having been part of the sales department for over 5 years, he strives to ensure that everything he does is as developmental and science-based as possible. At the same time, Petr founded the Monk Mode project, where over three months, participants will achieve greater productivity and improve their concentration and mental resilience. He also brought his experience from the X-Challenge project, where he organized adventure challenge events for thousands of people.

“Let's be braver, more educated and kinder to ourselves and the world around us.”

Portrait of Petra Krskova

Petra Krskova

International Marketing Specialist

Petra is an inventive marketing specialist, content creator, and copywriter. She describes herself as a lifelong student, having completed her studies in the French language and currently studying law. She loves playing with words in multiple languages and bringing practical, science-based tools to people. Beyond her work and studies, you can find her lifting weights at the gym or exploring biohacking and neuroscience with a cup of specialty coffee.

“I believe we all deserve to live the best version of ourselves.”

Portrait of Lukas Havranek

Lukas Havranek

Senior Consultant

Lukas participated in one of the first lectures on procrastination and broadened his expertise to include effective planning, attention management, and deep work. In addition, after spending several weeks in silent meditation, he has developed a strong passion for mindfulness. Lukáš enjoys outdoor activities such as climbing, hiking, and mountain running. He has completed more than 10 ultramarathons of approximately 100 km and, in recent years, has become increasingly interested in topics such as self-discipline, habit formation, and growth mindset.

“The most important thing is to keep the most important thing the most important thing. Jim Kwik”

Portrait of Miroslava Skubalova

Miroslava Skubalova


Miroslava is a mediator, project manager, and personal growth consultant. She helps organizations to find solutions in difficult situations. She spent several years in Moscow in the corporate business, teaching international teams how to communicate, solve conflicts, and create teams. She loves hiking in the Himalayas, where the passion for empowering people and working with leaders was born.

“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.”

Portrait of Karel Prochazka

Karel Prochazka

International Sales

Karel is a sales guy and a professional coach. He is passionate about developing new skills and really enjoys working with people, ideally supporting them to reach their full potential. He spends his free time doing improv and occasional stand-up. He as well hosts a podcast on personal development.

“Action is the only way to change everything.”

Portrait of Denisa Dedicova

Denisa Dedicova

Consultant / Coach / Partner - Spain

Consultant, lecturer, mentor, and teacher who does what makes sense to her and what she enjoys. She helps people who want to work on themselves to be their best version. Denisa also aids companies in creating happier and, therefore, more effective employees. Apart from working at, she also started her fashion brand - Deedivine, where you can get original tailored skirts and accessories for partners to match.

“Let's make the world a little smarter and kinder.”

Portrait of Mathias Durand

Mathias Durand

Consultant / Partner - France

Mathias is a coach and a motivational speaker. After many years in the corporate business and leading international teams, he believes that sales and leadership are two of the most important skills to learn and regularly improve throughout life. He’s now dedicating his time in Montreal teaching companies how to motivate, develop and support their teams. In his free time, you can find Mathias coaching a basketball team or reading books written by inspiring leaders.

“Always keep an open mind and a compassionate heart.”

Portrait of Lukas Hana

Lukas Hana

Senior Conslutant

Lukas is a consultant, speaker, and trainer of critical thinking. His primary interest is in the science of making decisions and working with information, what mistakes we make in the process, and how to avoid or overcome them. Lukas organizes an annual conference on critical thinking and helped create and teach a course at the University of Economics in Prague, where he got his master's in Diplomacy. He has also put together an online course series on critical thinking. As an active member of the Effective Altruism movement, he was elected ombudsman for the Czech community. In addition, he trained a diverse portfolio of companies and NGO's including intelligence agencies around Europe and the US.

“Keep your minds open, but not so open that your brains fall out”

Portrait of Kamila Q. Suchomel

Kamila Q. Suchomel

Content Guru

Kamila is a humanitarian scholar and communications enthusiast. She enjoys building community engagement so that individuals may benefit from each other’s perspectives, knowledge, and skills in order to work together to make a better world. Using her knack for detail and content development, she helps organizations increase their impact and improve their brand. In her free time she enjoys photography and discussing international relations, aka being a nerd.

“Challenge your perspectives every day.”

Portrait of Juraj Vozar

Juraj Vozar


Juraj has been working in the field of education since 2009, when completing the first long-term professional leadership program in the US. Currently working with numerous business organizations, he is also a certified trainer of Council of Europe and helps various non-profits to grow. His international relations knowledge is complemented by studying cognitive sciences and learning methodologies. Loving challenges, Juraj is a professional muay-thai fighter and amateur student of singing.

“A year from now you will wish you had started today.”

Portrait of Lucie Cermakova

Lucie Cermakova

Marketing Specialist

Lucie is a dynamic marketing specialist and our project manager. Her passion for innovation and drive to succeed has significantly impacted our project. She takes care of the business development and our marketing activities. Beyond the office, she is a world traveler and has been living abroad since she was 19, bringing a unique perspective to her work.

“Lucie is procrastinating sending in her motto :)”

Our Core Values



We believe that simplicity improves comprehension and the efficient transmission of information.



We have developed practical tools that can be applied both in personal and professional life.



Science-based know-how gives us a better understanding of what is a myth and of what is likely to be true.