Meet the Team

  • Portrait of Adela Schicker Adela Schicker

    Co-founder | Worldwide

    “Better self. Better world.”

    Adela is a personal growth consultant and motivational speaker. She is an avid traveler having lived long term in 11 different countries in 4 continents. A vast number of different learning and working environments has given her a keen eye for people’s talents and has made her a highly effective networker. Armed with these skills together with scientific knowledge, Adela is focusing on helping companies, and individuals create and pursue their visions.

  • Portrait of Mathias Durand Mathias Durand

    Partner | Worldwide

    “Always keep an open mind and a compassionate heart.”

    Mathias is a coach and a motivational speaker. After many years in the corporate business and leading international teams, he believes that sales and leadership are two of the most important skills to learn and regularly improve throughout life. He’s now dedicating his time in Montreal teaching companies how to motivate, develop and support their teams. In his free time, you can find Mathias coaching a basketball team or reading books written by inspiring leaders.

  • Portrait of Petr Ludwig Petr Ludwig

    Co-founder | Worldwide

    “Simplicity is infinite perfection.”

    Petr is a science popularizer, entrepreneur, and consultant for Fortune 500 companies in Europe. He explains crucial and difficult things simply and easily. Peter helps to improve intrinsic motivation, efficiency, and the happiness of people at work and in their personal lives. In his book and talks, he transfers the knowledge of neuroscience and behavioral economics into practice.

  • Portrait of Veronica Pizzi Veronica Pizzi

    Partner | Montreal

    “Great changes begin with one single step”

    Veronica is a marketing specialist, an explorer, an engineer and a listener. Passionate about the understanding of people and society, she sees marketing as a tool for education and as a means to bring well-being to the world. Having worked in the for-profit and not-for-profit sector, she is dedicated to expanding positivity by sharing tools and knowledge that help people on their journey to growth. One person at a time!

  • Portrait of Kamila Q. Suchomel Kamila Q. Suchomel

    Content Guru | Worldwide

    “Challenge your perspectives every day.”

    Kamila is a humanitarian scholar and communications enthusiast. She enjoys building community engagement so that individuals may benefit from each other’s perspectives, knowledge, and skills in order to work together to make a better world. Using her knack for detail and content development, she helps organizations increase their impact and improve their brand. In her free time she enjoys photography and discussing international relations, aka being a nerd.

  • Portrait of Martin Jonas Martin Jonas

    Developer | Worldwide

    “Lost time is never found again.”

    Martin is a system architect with a deep knowledge of software design and development. His team has created a number of software tools and systems used by thousands of people every day. Although he gained his degree several years ago, his biggest passion is still education.

  • Portrait of Kristyna Holikova Kristyna Holikova

    UX & Marketing | Worldwide

    “All you need is love... and technology.”

    Communication is Kristyna's life-long hobby which has gradually transformed into her profession. It enables people to share who they are and what they do, and Kristyna dedicates her professional life to aiding this process. Helping spread the word about products she is convinced will positively influence people's lives is what makes her profession a dream job.

  • Portrait of Juraj Vozar Juraj Vozar

    Partner | Europe

    “A year from now you will wish you had started today.”

    Juraj has been working in the field of education since 2009, when completing the first long-term professional leadership program in the US. Currently working with numerous business organizations, he is also a certified trainer of Council of Europe and helps various non-profits to grow. His international relations knowledge is complemented by studying cognitive sciences and learning methodologies. Loving challenges, Juraj is a professional muay-thai fighter and amateur student of singing.

  • Portrait of Hana Kavankova Hana Kavankova

    Sales | San Francisco

    “Life is a one time offer, use it well.”

    Hana is a social business consultant, project manager and globe trotter. The people, places and cultures that she came across made her believe that there is always a way to improve the world around us and the difference is made by everyone of us. She loves to support people in their personal and professional growth, so you will find her helping people and businesses on their way to success.

  • Portrait of Michal Hromadko Michal Hromadko

    Graphic Designer | Worldwide

    “Procrastination is opportunity's assassin”

    Michal is an IT professional specializing in the fields of human-computer interaction, computer graphics, and multimedia. During his studies at the Brno University of Technology, he took a little detour to Helsinki to learn more about cyber-security. If you can't find him around, then he is probably traveling somewhere only with his bag and camera.

  • Portrait of Jy Nanda Jy Nanda

    Partner | Montreal

    “Like Nike says, just do it!”

    Jy Nanda is a coach, motivational speaker, personal trainer and a TEDx coach with 15 years of retail management experience. Even though she studied Political Sciences, she is passionate about Public Speaking and Communication, as she spends much of her time delivering workshops to help people develop their confidence further. To her, it is better to be well rounded and indispensable with knowledge so she can adapt to daily life situations with great energy and style.

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