Workshops are a great way to learn and working in a group increases the chances of putting all essential methods into practice.

  • Do you want to learn how to fight procrastination?
  • How to stay better focused and meaningful?
  • To become better at sales or leadership?
  • See how it can be applied directly to your life?

Come and join one of our workshops. They provide active team support and make it easier to improve and gain new skills.

Public workshops

City Date Scope Event Price Capacity
Montreal Apr 3rd, 2018 5 x 3h $270.00 5/15 Details
Montreal Apr 18th, 2018 5 x 3h $150.00 2/15 Details

FR: Académie de Vente

City: Montreal
Date: Apr 3rd, 2018
Scope: 5 x 3h
Price: $270.00
Capacity: 5/15


End of Procrastination Academy

City: Montreal
Date: Apr 18th, 2018
Scope: 5 x 3h
Price: $150.00
Capacity: 2/15


Workshops for companies

Are you looking for group workshops for your team?

Corporate workshops