Mathias Durand

Mathias is a business coach in Leadership, Sales, and Effective Communication. After many years in the corporate business leading international sales teams, he believes that human interactions are the key skills to learn in order to improve the workplace and every team’s performance. Focusing his skills on effective communication as well as the science of persuasion, he’s now dedicating his time to teaching companies how to improve the leadership skills and become the masters of sales and negotiations.

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Effective Communication

Conflicts arise when we evoke negative feelings in those we are communicating with. The main culprit is our inability to notice evidence that supports a perspective other than our own, commonly referred to as confirmation bias. Learn why communication is the most important skill you can develop. Transform your communication habits and reach people more effectively.


Whether we are talking about thoughts, the results of our work, or our products, we are all selling something. Recent studies show that sales work best as a service to others. Learn how to replace manipulation with inspiration and pressure with desire. Gain practical tools how to communicate your brand, sell your ideas or even improve your sales pitch.


Leadership is the ability to lead and inspire others. It does not matter if you are a CEO or a leader of a department. Studies of history's most successful leaders show that they all possessed similar characteristics and communication styles: they were able to communicate the WHY. Learn how to delegate and inspire, as well as how to pass your mission and values on to others.

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"Just a thank you note for that Sales Academy course. Today I met a prospect who became a client, and it was that fast because I structured my conversation according to what I learned in the course"

- Maxime Dallaire

"The content of the webinars is of very high quality and Mathias Durand explains in a clear and engaging way. Thank you Mathias, your webinars are some of the best I've been to."

- Rita Baker, Baker Marketing

"Very interactive and engaging webinar. Practical and relevant. Transmits well the values of utility and simplicity of Thank you!"

- Isabelle Kolish-Dufresne, GODUKO

"Really excellent! The subject was very well mastered and the content relevant while being dynamic. I have rarely participated in such an interactive webinar between the participants and the presenter. I recommend!"

- Olivier Vormus, Agence Braque

"We should all participate at least once in our life in the interventions of Mathias! It is done on my side and I will do it again."

- Romain Baudet, SEGECO consulting