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Procrastination Masterclass

How to Boost Your Motivation and Stop Postponing

What would your life look like without procrastination? Science shows you’d be less stressed, more productive, healthier, and statistically live longer. Our course is designed for those who want to stop postponing and live a fulfilled life.

  • based on 120+ scientific studies
  • easy, smart & practical tools
  • applicable for everyday life

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Attendee's Feedback
640 ratings (See reviews)

Gain a practical toolkit to overcome procrastination with the co-author of the worldwide bestselling book The End of Procrastination.

Procrastination Masterclass online course

Say hello to your new self - productive and efficient.

Do you often find yourself in the loop of postponing? Do you ever want to do something so badly but often end up not doing it? Would you like to improve your motivation and strengthen your willpower? Do you want to get better with your time management and setting up priorities? Look no further. We got you.

In the course you will learn:

  1. Where does postponing come from, and why do you need to fight procrastination?
  2. Why do you face decision paralysis, and why does it have such a negative effect on you?
  3. How does your motivation work, and what kind of motivation works best for you?
  4. How do you find your personal vision, define your strengths and use them to do things you have always wanted?
  5. How do you become more self-disciplined, and how do you strengthen your willpower?
  6. How do you become more effective and learn positive new habits while unlearning the negative ones?
  7. How do you plan your day and tasks to be productive while keeping your energy level up?
  8. How do you learn to step out of your comfort zone, overcome the fear of change, and learn how to deal with failure?
Are you ready to change your life?

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Chapter 1 | Part 1
What is procrastination and why do we need to fight it?


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Meaning, life mission, and Ego 2.0.
Lesson 10: Meaning, life mission, and Ego 2.0.


Chapter 2 | Part 6
Meaning, life mission, and Ego 2.0.


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Chapter 1
Lesson 2: What is procrastination and why do we need to fight it?
Chapter 1 | Part 1
What is procrastination and why do we need to fight it?
This lesson will explain the difference between what procrastination is and what it is not. It will also uncover who and why procrastinates the most and why should we start fighting it from now on.

QUOTE: “I know how to give myself orders, but I just don't listen.”

DEFINITION: What is procrastination

VIDEO: Why is snoozing really bad for you?

BOOK: The End of Procrastination (Petr Ludwig & Adela Schicker)

Lesson 3: Why do people procrastinate now more than ever?
Chapter 1 | Part 2
Why do people procrastinate now more than ever?
In this lesson, we will find out why why procrastinate now more than ever. It will also uncover why we are not happy and why are we suffering from decision paralysis.

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Lesson 4: What is the key to fighting procrastination? How can we defeat it in the long term?
Chapter 1 | Part 3
What is the key to fighting procrastination? How can we defeat it in the long term?
This lesson will teach you how to fight procrastination in a long term. How to create a personal vision and in addition, it will explain why it is important to take actions that lead towards a happier life.

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Chapter 2
Lesson 5: The value of time - the most expensive commodity.
Chapter 2 | Part 1
The value of time - the most expensive commodity.
This lesson will explain why time is the most valuable commodity and why personal vision that is created properly can create a very strong motivator that will help us lead a better life.

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Attendee's Feedback & Reviews

640 ratings

“I rate the course very positively. Procrastination is something that affects each of us to some extent, and whether someone procrastines less or more, it is in my opinion very good to realize that this is how we behave behavior and then either reduce or eliminate our procrastination. As a result, we can live a more valuable and happier life. This course is perfect for learning this and very helpful. The lecturer does pretend, is natural and sometimes quite funny. I can only recommend this course.”

“Absolutely perfect ... The course was not exclusively about procrastination as such (e.g., work) but talk about the context beautifully linked to everyday life (even outside work). I was very interested in the passage about motivation (method of carrot and stick x extrinsic motivation x intrinsic motivation) - it can be beautifully applied, for example, in the role of parent and child.”

“Clear, complete with concise examples + practical tools and extending bonuses. Perfectly prepared, I can only recommend.”

“The most important ideas summed up in two hours? Valuable information and advice that can really be applied? Definitely well-invested money and time! I recommend this to all who want to upgrade their time management and do something useful for themselves.”

“In the field of psychology and motivational theory, little is comprehensively and humanly presented and explained. Instructions for "personal vision" = directional bearer in life and "ability to act" = ability to fulfill the vision are the basis for EVERYONE !! If you feel that you cannot move somewhere your life, that you are stepping on the spot, shine a light on this journey for a more meaningful and happier life. You will not regret! ;)”

“Very beneficial. It made me think more about myself. It gave me a good kick into life.”

Adela Schicker

Don't postpone your fight against procrastination - learn how to defeat it right now

“My team and I are on a mission to simplify and popularize science to help companies and individuals grow. As a growth consultant, I have lived long-term in 11 countries across 4 continents. Armed with my experiences and an arsenal of scientific knowledge, I aim to help others develop their visions, improve their motivation, adopt habits and carry out actions that will lead them to attain their full potential and long-term happiness.”

– Adela Schicker,
Author of the online course

Adela Schicker

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The book for people who are
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The End of Procrastination, written by Petr Ludwig & Adela Schicker is dedicated to improving your long-term motivation and helping you get the most out of your life.

  • Over 400,000 copies sold worldwide
  • Practical tools for immediate use
  • 100+ pictures to illustrate concepts
  • Based on over 120 scientific studies

Simple, science-based tools to stop procrastination

Based on the latest research, The End of Procrastination synthesizes over one hundred scientific studies to create a program that is based on the way our brains actually work.