The End of Procrastination Course





My name is Adela and I am the co-owner of With my team, we have decided to prepare a course, which is dedicated to fighting procrastination, postponement and putting things off.

We have been focusing on the topic of procrastination for about ten years now. We transform what modern science knows into practice. Nowadays there is a relatively large number of high-quality studies about how our motivation, productivity and decision-making work. Unfortunately, a lot of good information remains hidden somewhere in the sea of myths and half-truths. Our job is to search for valid scientific studies, simplify them, and create easy useful tools out of them.

I really like the idea attributed to Albert Einstein: "If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough."

This course aims not only to help you understand procrastination, how it happens, and why it occurs, but also to pass on to you some specific tools that will help you fight it. And not only in the short term, but literally on an everyday basis.

Because, if we can reduce our procrastination, we can do significantly more during the day and we can do activities that give us meaning and purpose in the first place. Thanks to this, we can be better motivated, live every day to the fullest, and be happier in the long term.

So please, come and check out our free lecture.

The End of Procrastination