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DEEP TALKS: Dan Seewald

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Petr Ludwig interviewed Dan Seewald - Keynote speaker, innovation and leadership expert

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Dan Seewald is the former Head of Worldwide Innovation at Pfizer, one of the world biggest pharmaceutical companies with almost 100.000 employees. He founded and led Pfizer’s Dare to Try Innovation & Experimentation program, which is one of the Fortune 100’s leading design thinking and strategic innovation programs. He is also the founder of The Deliberate Innovator System™, which is creative problem solving and innovation design methodology that builds culture and capabilities inside of large organizations.

Dan has been on the front-lines of innovation for two decades, having been the head of a $1B+ global marketing portfolio, led new product development and market research teams. Outside of the workplace, Dan is a wrestling and soccer coach, and he uses those skills at workspace too.

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