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Motivation and Purpose
How do we create a life with meaning?

The key to a happy life lies in finding meaning in whatever you do. Learn simple tools to help you find meaning in both work and personal life.

Motivation and Purpose

Being happier in life is dependent on how you perceive your life‘s meaning and what your values are. Meaning translates to the purpose which is one of the biggest motivators there is in both personal and professional life. With certain tools, you can find your life’s meaning and thus improve your overall satisfaction as well as your contentment with your surroundings.

Our sessions on motivation and purpose help you discover and use these tools. You will learn how to find meaning in your work and relationships and also how you can change them in order to find happiness in them and become satisfied over the long-term.

He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how. "
-- Fridrich Nietzche

You will learn:

  • How meaning can work as an incredible motivator
  • Why having meaning can function as an antidepressant
  • How our work is affected by having & purpose
  • What methods you can use to change how you feel about your current job
  • Why it‘s important to search for and develop personal meaning

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