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Critical Thinking in the Context of Coronavirus
How to make sense of all the information about Coronavirus?

Critical thinking = skill to reveal misinformation, myths, and half-truths, and determine the quality of given information.

Critical Thinking in the Context of Coronavirus

Coronavirus is hitting hard. It is no surprise that it makes headlines and takes the major part of the current news. On one hand, pandemics are not total strangers to human species. On the other, there are a lot of unknowns that present a risk. Science is making unprecedented effort and progress to learn what we are dealing with. Tuns of new information pour on a daily basis. So how can we approach it?

Let's take this opportunity to apply methods of rationality and critical thinking to this matter and practice. We will discuss current event from the perspective of cognitive biases, concepts, and tools that will help us to make more sense out of this chaos. Join us in an honest attempt to catch a glimpse of what is going really on and what the prospects are.

DISCLAIMER: I am not an epidemiologist nor microbiologist. The purpose of this webinar is not to calm down people nor to make them act and give recommendations. The goal is to try to see through distortions caused by media, bad statistics, and our cognitive biases and evaluate current events as clearly as possible.

Keep your minds open, but not so open that your brains fall out. "
-- Walter Kotshcing

You will learn:

  • How to read statistics
  • If currently taken measures make sense
  • What conclusions can we make at this point reasonably
  • How does the new coronavirus compare to flu and other pandemics and is it fair to make such a comparison
  • What can we say about the future in the current situation

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