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Happiness and Mindset
Life satisfaction, well-being, and the ability to resist negativity in our lives

What can recent science tell us about life satisfaction and happiness? How to improve your well-being, and overall quality of life? How to not succumb to negative events and thoughts?

November 24th, 2020 4 PM (CET) | 2h
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90% of long-term happiness is not affected by the outside world, but rather by the way we perceive it. While 25% of our work success is determined by our IQ, the other 75% is affected by our level of optimism. Our brain works far better in positive settings - We are far more productive, creative and learn faster.


Optimism and pessimism are both learned behaviors. The purpose of this webinar is to convey methods of training for an optimistic lifestyle. You will learn practical tools and tips on how to manage both emotionally demanding and stressful situations and how to increase your daily satisfaction in the long run.

„Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.“ -- Albert Schweitzer

You will learn

  • How to build resistance to negative stimuli
  • Why the general level of dissatisfaction and depression continues to grow
  • The concept of learned helplessness and how avoid it
  • Whether optimism and pessimism are learned or innate
  • How a gratitude journal works and why it reduced the incidence of depression in the US military
  • How to manage your own failures
  • How to perceive obstacles as challenges
  • How to receive negative feedback
  • The negative impact of stress on health and how to avoid it
  • How to enjoy the little things in life and increase your focus on satisfaction in the present

Petr Ludwig

Petr Ludwig is a keynote speaker and author of the bestselling book The End of Procrastination, a book dedicated to overcoming the habit of putting off tasks and responsibilities. His book has been translated into 18 languages and sold hundreds of thousands of copies worldwide.

Petr is a founder and CEO of, a company that applies the latest scientific findings in neuroscience and behavioral economics to help individuals and companies in their growth. His core fields of interest are purpose at work, value-based leadership, and critical thinking.

Most recently, Petr's campaign #Masks4all has reached millions of people and significantly helped slow down the spread of Coronavirus.

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