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Webinar: Time-management & Focus

Do you need to work on a task, but your thoughts are far away all the time?

May 22nd, 2018 | 4 x 1 h
14 / 50

Webinar: Time-management & Focus

Simple, useful and science-based learning, directly from your home!

These days it is difficult to access quality and affordable time management training. There are so many myths and half-truths that it is hard to find tools that will help.

That's why we offer interactive training to learn how to organize your time, be more focused and productive! Benefit from four hours of online training (once a week), eight practical tools and exchanges with the trainer and the different participants for one month.

Description of the program:

4 one-hour webinars (once a week) + 8 online tools + an opportunity to interact with the trainer between sessions

  • Session 1 - May 8th, 2018: How to set priorities and organize your time (+ 2 tools)

  • Session 2 - May 15th, 2018: Maintaining good habits and getting rid of the bad ones (+ 2 tools)

  • Session 3 - May 22nd, 2018: The science behind prioritization and efficiency (+2 tools)

  • Session 4 - May 29th, 2018: Focus and patience in everyday life (+2 tools)

More than 10,000 people coached around the world!

What the participants say:

"The presentation was very smooth and perfectly organized, full of positive energy and enthusiasm." Simona Brown - Wells Fargo

"Their training was educational and entertaining at the same time. " Mishka Plesnik - Yelp

Only 50 places are available for participants all around the world. Book your ticket now!

Price: 9 USD / hour (payable at one time, a total of 37 USD)


  • Who is this webinar for? For everyone who wishes to make the most of their time.

  • If I can not attend a session, can I see the replay? Yes, on request.

  • Can I request additional support for the trainer between sessions? Yes, on the dedicated online platform in which all participants and the trainer can help each other.

  • How can I attend the webinars? Trough a computer or a smartphone with an internet connection and an inscription made before the beginning of the first session.

  • When will the webinars be held? At 12 pm EDT (USA & Canada), 5 pm UTC (London), 6 pm CEST (Europe). For other times, please use this map to calculate the time difference, so you do not miss the sessions.

  • What are the payment methods? Online payment.

" and their innovational approach helped us to reach new decisions and improvements. Their training was educational and entertaining at the same time. The whole team and I were excited to cooperate with them."

- Mishka Plesnik, YELP

"I attended the workshop of in San Francisco, and I must say it was an unforgettable experience! The presentation was very smooth and perfectly organized, full of positive energy and enthusiasm."

- Simona Brown, Wells Fargo Bank

"I had a pleasure to work with on and the feedback from our Chinese students towards her was superior. The lecture on time management was among top 3 lectures of our program by students evaluation and was part of the curriculum which I would not give up in the future once I design other education programs with any soft skills components."

- Tomas Hulle, PSS

" addressed the ACCEE Conference in Krakow, Poland. The multi-national audience across all business generations gave a very high feedback score. I am pleased to recommend as a valued asset to any business."

- Mark Harrison, ACCEE

"We had the pleasure to have Adela as a speaker about fighting procrastination for our Personal Professional Development program for Master of Applied Economics students at CERGE-EI. Adela is a passionate speaker. She provides lots of practical examples. Our students enjoyed her talk, asked many questions, and many mentioned it as helpful in their anonymous evaluations at the end of the term."

- Iva Kleinova, The Center for Economic Research

Adela Schicker

Adela is a personal growth consultant and motivational speaker. She is an avid traveler having lived long term in 11 different countries in 4 continents. A vast number of different learning and working environments has given her a keen eye for people’s talents and has made her a highly effective networker. Armed with these skills together with scientific knowledge, Adela is focusing on helping companies, and individuals create and pursue their visions.

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